Absinthe is a tribal fusion dancer and yoga instructor from Elgin, Ilinois. She has been immersed in performing arts of varying stripes since childhood, and these experiences have combined with a love of the unusual, a head full of ephemera, and a rather prominent bad girl streak to create within her a deep appreciation for beautiful, authentic, expressive and powerful movement. She has an abiding interest in the creative process and has been known to facilitate it in surprising ways, from workshops on unexpected topics to unusual performances and even the occasional carefully curated and executed event.

Absinthe began yoga in 2001 and tribal belly dance with Christina King in 2005, and each time found her world forever changed. She is deeply influenced by the work of her teacher Rachel Brice.

An experienced educator and presenter, Absinthe has taught in one form or another for over twenty years. She finds great reward in catalyzing insight through movement, and is inspired by countless rich traditions of music and dance throughout the world as well as her own experience growing up in the Midwest.

Absinthe has completed two Tribal Massive dance intensives and received recognition certificates for completion of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase I: Initiation and Phase II: Cultivation.  She also holds a Master of Arts in English and has completed 200 hours of Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training. 

She likes cats and the TV show Trailer Park Boys.